When planning a trip abroad it is important to remember to purchase international travel insurance. While more often than not trips will run without any hiccups, luck is not always on our side. It is all too easy to become the person stuck on a broken down bus on their way to the airport causing them to miss their flight home or to be the unfortunate snowboarder who breaks their leg on their final day on the slopes. To become the unlucky person whose passport and travelers cheques mysteriously go missing from their dorm room, or whose new camera gets lifted from their bag as they board a crowded train. While, with fingers crossed you won’t be this person it is better to plan for all eventualities than to be left helpless. Overseas medical expenses can run into the thousands of pounds, last minute flights home can break a budget, but a small amount of money spent on travel insurance before you leave safe guards you against this loss and makes sure this money will get back to you. Insurance can generally be brought through travel agents (though often this will incur a fee) or directly from the insurance company over the internet. The costs of insurance policies vary according to destination, length of stay and the type of activities likely to be undergone. Policies such as the ones offered by good2go insurance will generally cover the costs of cancellations, medical fees, lost luggage and thefts, legal liabilities, missed connections, hijack, rental vehicle excess and many more. But, as with all things of this nature, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the policy you are buying to make sure you don’t miss any hidden clauses. Compare coverage and prices and bear in mind cheaper isn’t always better!
 While it is difficult, especially when planning a trip on a small budget, to include the price of insurance, it is a necessary precaution and one which may well save you an awful lot of expense in the long run. Don’t leave home without it.