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that under the conditions of this experiment the pepsin is able to
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of infection was again forced into the foreground of investigation. At
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the higher position of the aortic notch in the tracing show
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Should the battle be indecisive the losses will probably be great
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the application of epidemiologic measures in the control of syphilis.
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following fluid in injecting cadavera gt. Starch water
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patient who should lie upon a couch or upon a surgical chair and
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particularlv wants to know whether there would be any prospect of succeed
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pitch ammoniacumj bdellium olibanum mercury turpentine
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as it quickly becomes ammoniacal. In every case its specific
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formation of pus in various parts of the body of affected animals
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aged respectively nine ten and eleven and a half years all
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cans Australians Xew Zealanders Afrikanders Canadians sit
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Wounds of the throat of which throat cutting is the most prominent
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not as the mere application of remedial agents but as a skillful
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average physician with a moderate amount of laboratory training has
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temperature persisted and the pulse was rather slow. We could
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tal her temperature was respiration to GO per minute
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writer that in the latter cities the numbers were more than
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prepared for the market. From the East Indies the shipments of
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cells which appear in a state of disintegration vessels are
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dorsal vertebra. This was exquisitely sensitive to pressure bat
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principle or even with constituting themselves the pathogenic agency.
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If in passing through that period in boyhood when the
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dilatation. Among these are palpitation dyspnea a sviall irregular.
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numbers of carrier figures are found indicates that it is a characteristic
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students who had gone in for the recent primary examinations
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trophied lymphoid tissue in nasopharynx. The nasal septum is deflected caus
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neutralized or rendered alkaline or the cultures be injected into the in
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tion of infectious diseases came from the discoverj of
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niano T. Un uou procedeti al d lui Dr. Kiriac pentru
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principles similar to those of the steriliser shown Fig. were very
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conclude in the words of Morijagni Longe mihi potior cura esc

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